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Between city and countryside

The remarkable sculpture by Catherine Fourniau, in the heart of Dison, modernises the pretty square of the Saint-Fiacre Church. Titled “L’envol” (Taking fl ight), this pink granite and bronze creation is intended to be a symbol of peace, harmony and freedom. Beautiful values extolled by the people of Dison seeking revival and dynamism !

But Dison is also the birthplace of the famous poet Adolphe Hardy, who was laurelled by the French Academy. Transformed into a Museum-Foundation, the house in which he was born opens its doors to you and presents the life of the poet through various paintings, mementos and household objects. A visit is a touching experience, and it is sometimes supplemented by various exhibitions.

Numerous walks enable tourists and local residents alike to admire the natural resources and superb landscapes of the villages of Andrimont, Dison and Mont-Dison; the tranquillity of the latter is only disturbed by the “ferveur populaire” of its carnival on the third Saturday in January.

It is a municipality that will not fail to charm you, particularly during the Music Festival, which over time has become a highly significant event for Dison.