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Fishing in the Vesdre

"The Vesdre valley sometimes resembles a ravine, sometimes a garden, but always a paradise!" - Victor Hugo

The pastime of fishing in the sub-basin of our river, the Vesdre, has been immensely successful among tourists who come from both near and far (and sometimes very far).

The hydrographical sub-basin of the Vesdre comprises many fishing areas which are managed by several angling associations, including the Ligue Royale des Pêcheurs de l'Est (LRPE) and the Royale Association des Pêcheurs de Pepinster (RAPP):

• The LRPE manages the area on the Vesdre at Baelen, Limbourg and Verviers and a number of fishing ponds (Mangombroux,...) making a combined length of 16.6 kilometres of areas where fishing is permitted.

• The RAPP manages the area on the Vesdre and the Hoëgne at Pepinster and the "Doux Fonds" fishing pond.

To allow you to fish safely and serenely, you are required to bring with you a fishing permit from the Region of Wallonia and also one from either the LRPE or the RAPP, depending on the spot in which you would like to fish. All of these permits can be acquired at the Pays de Vesdre tourist information office.

Here are some of the technical characteristics of our river based on the different sections of the fishing route:

- In the upstream portion of the route, between Eupen and Membach, the Vesdre is acidic and thin. Trout rarely exceed the 30 centimetre-mark but there are sufficient numbers so as to be able to fish there regularly and end up with dozens of fish. Those who favour a more “natural” setting will feel more at home in sector n° 0, which provides a pleasing contrast against the urban backdrop of Eupen.

- More upstream, from Goé to Verviers, the river flows over more limestone rocks and it becomes richer. This is home to some larger trout and it isn’t uncommon to find fish exceeding 50 centimetres (up to 75 cm for the biggest). This section of the Vesdre also houses a number of common graylings with a population that increases each year after a slight drop seen in numbers during the mid-2000s. If you are looking for sections with a less urban profile, the area of Perkiets (n°1), upstream of Dolhain (n° 5), the “Préventorium” (n° 11 and 12) or even the "Cheminots" (V-D3) are spots that will best suit your needs.

- Finally, if you would also like to discover the areas located between Verviers and Nessonvaux that belong to the Royale Association des Pêcheurs de Pepinster, you might find it useful to know that there is now a "L.R.P.E./R.A.P.P. Partnership" fishing card which allows you to fish (no-kill) on both of the societies’ sections of the "Vesdre" for 90 €/year (as opposed to 125 € for the full card).

Have fun, and if you need any further information at all then simply drop us a line!

The team at the Pays de Vesdre tourist information office