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La pintade à la crème et au Kiki de Limbourg

For 2 people:
A lovely guinea-fowl of around 1kg; 50 grams of margarine; a sprig of thyme; a bay leaf; an onion stuck with a clove; a shallot; a decilitre of Kiki de Limbourg; 150 grams of white mushrooms; four decilitres of whipped cream; 15 grams of parsley.

Stuff the guinea fowl with thyme, the bay leaf and the onion. Add salt and pepper. Lightly brown the guinea fowl on both sides and leave it to cook for around 35 minutes, turning it once or twice. Chop the shallot, the parsley and fi nely slice the mushrooms. When the guinea fowl is cooked, cut up the thighs and the breasts. Serveonto a plate. Remove half of the fat from the juices in the skillet. Put in the mushrooms and the chopped shallot. Deglaze with the kiki. Add the whipped cream and leave it to cook for a few minutes. Adjust the seasoning (salt and pepper)…and bon appétit!