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La tarte au Riz

A genuine ambassador for Verviers in the outside world, «li blanke dorêye» never fails to satisfy connoisseurs thanks to its creaminess and flavour. How can you resist its light crust, its golden appearance and it rice soaked with creamy milk? Then what can be said about the addition of macaroons!
It was in 1990 that the Seigneurie de la Vèrvî-Riz (Vervi-Rice association), a true gastronomic brotherhood, was created. Managed with a masterful hand by Mr Freddy Lambrette, all of the loyal members dedicate their time and devotion to the noble task of promoting this local delicacy at numerous gastronomic, folkloric and also tourism events.
This association’s motto is: «Never just as sustenance, always for pleasure, Magnans, Frés, fât qu’on rêye (let us eat, brothers, we need to laugh together), Avoû nosse blanque dorêye (with our rice tart)».


Address :
Rice tarts from producers in the Vesdre region are labeled by the Vèrvî-Riz:

  • Boulangerie Alexandre : Rue Neuve , 1 Pepinster - 087/46.06.77
  • Boulangerie Au P’tit Pâtissier :Rue des Combattants, 3 Wegnez - 087/88.04.88
  • Boulangerie Darcis : Rue Crapaurue,121-123-125 Verviers - 087/33.98.15
  • Boulangerie Georges : Rue des Minières,53 Verviers - 087/22.33.01
  • Boulangerie Kockartz : Kirchstrasse , 123 Hauset-Raeren - 087639480
  • Boulangerie Lange : Rue T’Serclaes, 1 Andrimont - 087/31.45.85
  • Boulangerie Larondelle : Grand Place ,47 Ensival - Verviers - 087/33.25.78
  • Boulangerie Sacré-Cœur : Rue Léopold , 99 Dison - 087/33.08.51
  • Boulangerie Snackers : Rue du Village 9 Battice