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Le Chocolat

Chocolate constitutes one of the most accomplished expressions of sweetness. A substance of pleasure and passion, emotion and memories, this product comes in a variety of forms including praline in particular. Created in our country in 1912, these bite-sized filled chocolates have since then delighted the palate of great and small connoisseurs. In fact, the Belgians think nothing of consuming an average of 8 kilos of chocolate each; the record is achieved by the Irish with 8.7 kilos. Chocolate casts a spell on the inhabitants of the Vesdre region in particular.
For several years already, artisans Jean-Philippe Darcis and Christophe Saive have continually tried to push the envelope in chocolate making creativity while increasing Verviers’ renown and by combining flavour and consistency. Two young assets have undoubtedly been added to Verviers’ gastronomic palette. Tourists and natives will not be able to resist the soft crunchy sound of Verviers chocolate! A true delight!


Address :
Artisan chocolate makers in the Vesdre region:

  • Darcis Jean-Philippe, Crapaure 121-125, Verviers, 087/33.98.15
  • Demaret, Rue de l’Harmonie, 22, Verviers, 087/56.12.00
  • Pralines Mireille, Rue Hauglustaine, 14-18, Goé, 087/76.23.68
  • Maison Saive, Chaussée de Heusy, 203-205, Verviers, 087/22.45.00