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On your bike !

24 May 2016

The 2016 tourist year has hit the ground running, as its annual theme is fully focused on the bicycle!

As a result, the Tourism Office of the Pays de Vesdre, together with the Sports House of Verviers, Alain Vandercammen (Mapico) and several other municipalities, have created incredible routes and (sometimes) tricky ascents and descents for cycling fans in the form of a superb cycling ‘roadbook’!

What’s involved in the programme? A folder and 12 laminated A5 factsheets mark out uncharted routes through our region (Verviers, Baelen, Dison, Limbourg, Pepinster, Olne and Jalhay) in the form of roadbook stickers that contain all kinds of useful information.

The price? The complete folder (with the 12 factsheets) costs €12 (or € 1.50 per factsheet).

Visit our e-shop to make sure you snap up this useful pack!