Show : Isabelle Hauben a des CaRACTèrEs & avant-première par Adel

ISABELLE HAUBEN in "Isabelle Hauben a des CaRACTèrEs !

Written by Isabelle HAUBEN & Directed by Renaud RUTTEN

In this show, you will find many facets of today's women: quirky, uptight, seductive, liberated or distraught.

Wild women who will offer you their best or their worst...

They are part of our daily lives and, fortunately for everyone, in small doses!

They are part of our daily lives and, fortunately for everyone, in small doses. They are alternately moving and "scathing", and will challenge you in no uncertain terms.

Any resemblance with people who existed or still exist is not at all coincidental...

With the participation of Janick DANIELS

Preview by ADEL

"This is not an Arab."

If being born in the right place at the right time was a sport, Adel broke his ligaments at the 1st minute. Vegano-Ecolo-bobo-leftist-chevalu without deficiencies born in an Algerian family, Adel doesn't fit into any box that was intended for him, if life was a triangular hole, Adel is clearly a square. He has disappointed his father, Belgium and Zemmour but never the public.

A comedian to come and see before the end of his residence permit.


Show starts at 20:00

Price of a seat in pre-sale : 28 € - Price on the day of the show: 33 €.

Reservations are best made online with secure payment or at the following sales points:

La maison du tourisme Pays de Vesdre - Rue Xhavée 61, 4800 Verviers - 087 78 79 99

Papyland bookshop - Av. Hanlet 41, 4800 Verviers - 087 22 75 00

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Places are allocated in order of reservation and will be communicated to you in the confirmation email.

⚠️ The auditorium is not accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM). The hall is located on the first floor without a lift. 

  • Place Général Jacques, 5
  • 4800 Verviers
  • Belgique
  • Les Minières
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