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>>> The Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics was destroyed by the floods of 15 July 2021 and is currently closed to the public. Nevertheless, this museum and tourist space is being renovated in order to welcome you soon in a new version. Stay tuned and thank you for your understanding! 

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From 1 March 2023, the number for contacting Les Musées de Verviers is 087/326 089.

The Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum, founded by Jean-Simon Renier in 1884 in the former “Hôpital nouveau” (New Hospital - 1661), offers one of the finest Belgian collections of ceramics by the number, quality and the diversity of its pieces.

Various “Chinese Export Porcelain” and “India Company” displays show pieces imported into Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, before the development of the first hard European porcelains in Meissen (Saxony). Earthenware and mineral stoneware are well-represented.

Thanks to Blue Delft (vases and plates of all sizes) and Polychrome Delft (pitchers, animals and fl owers).To end this artistic journey, visitors plunge into a different atmosphere, one of European and contemporary paintings.

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