Séroule Park

The Séroule park is today the only remnant of a vast 17th century agricultural estate. The estate still covered 60 hectares in 1830 (as opposed to 10 at present) and extended as far as the present-day park of La Tourelle (the one you walked along earlier, located just opposite the hospital). In 1992, after many (too many) modifications and demolitions, a citizen's committee was moved by the fate of the remaining park and obtained its legal protection and classification. Its aesthetic, social and ecological values were considered a heritage to be preserved. Two years later, in 1994, it was transferred to the Walloon Region. The castle and the former boarding school, under the control of the French Community, were sold in 2006. They are now converted into a complex of housing and offices. Today and since 2000, the park belongs to the Walloon Public Service. The former castle, which houses the housing and offices, is privately owned. The Séroule park is open to the public, but in order to protect the site and ensure safety, activities are regulated.

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  • Parc de Séroule
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