Exhibition "7 Sinners" at the Wool and Fashion Tourist Centre

"7 Sins" is a journey in seven paintings by a great Renaissance painter and a contemporary artist. Their views on sins are compared and used to evoke human vices.

Each room explains a sin and illustrates it with symbolic objects, and a board game allows visitors to recapitulate the knowledge they have just acquired.

Pierre Breughel and Amandine Urruty - these are the artists who weave the red thread of the exhibition - each give an account of their era...

> Breughel addresses the people and, to do so, uses imagery already developed in the Middle Ages

> Urruty was inspired by this and added the 21st century touch, stuffing his works with pop culture references, also inspired by his childhood books, the picture books of hidden objects, such as the famous series started in 1987 "Where is Charlie?

The Seven (Deadly) Sins are linked to the Catholic religion; they were established in 1215 at the Fourth Lateran Council. But this official recognition is only the continuation of a long evolution: already in the 5th century, an oriental monastic current evokes the principal vices, which, at that time, are eight in number. The fear of the consequences of our bad behaviour is illustrated by infernal visions, monsters and devils, ghosts, abused bodies and fictional characters. Religion or morality evolve but the sense of evil - sometimes called "sin" - remains anchored in Man, whether or not he is anchored in any religion.

  • Rue de la Chapelle, 30
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  • Belgique
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06 Mar 31 Dec

From 10:00 to 17:00


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