La magie de Noël à Doudouland à Mangombroux

Since he moved to Mangombroux in 2017, he has reproduced the Christmas fairy tale every year, throughout his ground floor (entrance hall, living room, dining room and veranda).

What will you find there? Numerous Christmas decorations that he previously presented at Stembert, during the Christmas exhibition organised by the ex-ASBL Chanteloup. No less than 120 automatons of all kinds, ready to start up, to dance, to sing... (thanks to nearly 350 batteries!), but also 200 plush toys of all kinds to complete the decorations.

Also to be discovered, no less than eighty Christmas cots of all kinds and origins. Some very small ones of a few centimetres, but also a large one of three metres in length cut out of frigolite and whose characters are all teddy polar bears dressed by his companion. Another cot was once created with more than 1000 matches. Without forgetting the most beautiful, undoubtedly: a cot fitted out in an old wooden beer barrel, a unique creation made by a craftsman from Stembert. He will also present small cots created in several Latin American countries, as well as characters carved in stone from Rwanda. Also small cots in wood, plaster, stone, metal...

The festivities at the end of 2020 were somewhat disrupted, as the sanitary measures in force only allowed him to welcome the members of his close family circle to his home. Otherwise, since his entire exhibition was in place, he had made a series of short films, for a total duration of 92 minutes, which were burned on DVD-rom, in a hundred copies, and sent to all those who wished to visit him.

At the end of 2021, while strictly respecting the sanitary rules (mask, gel, ventilation...), he had the pleasure of welcoming nearly 300 visitors!

This year, he is happy to "do it again". Invitations have been sent to schools in Verviers for visits by kindergarten and primary school classes. Several groups are expected, from the establishments (retirement homes, children's homes, centres for the disabled) that he has been visiting for several years with his friends from the Verviclowns, as well as from youth movements. Families are also welcome. 

Once again this year, special attention will be paid to sanitary rules: gel available, ventilation after each visit... In order to spread out the visits as much as possible (to avoid groups of visitors crossing paths), visits will be possible from 16 November 2022 and will continue until at least mid-January 2023, depending on demand.

Practical information :

Where: At Jacky Servais', rue de Jalhay 4A, 4802 Mangombroux Heusy (near the church)

When? Visits will be possible (subject to availability), in the morning from 10 to 12 am, in the afternoon from 2 to 6 pm, or in the evening from 8 to 9 pm, by prior appointment only! 

Contacts: 087/31.10.91 or 0495/15.11.87 - mail:

You can still watch the report made on 2 January 2019 on the Vedia website:

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