"Je cours pour ma forme" - spring sports session in Verviers

Participate in the new session of "Je Cours Pour Ma Forme Verviers".

For the fourth year, the JCPMF Verviers programme will take place at the Bielmont stadium from Tuesday 28 March 2023 at 7pm. You are over 12 years old, you are not very sporty or not at all, you want to improve your fitness level, lose weight,... ? This programme is for you.

In addition to the conviviality, the main objective of the "Je cours pour ma forme" (JCPMF) programme is health. The programme is divided into 3-month training cycles with 3 sessions per week, 2 of which are supervised. A trained facilitator will supervise the participants in small groups and will also give the keys to enable each person to train individually.

The training sessions are given according to a programme of 3 levels:

Level 1: 0-5km with the objective of being able to run 5km (or 40 minutes) without stopping.

Level 2: 5-10km which aims to run 8-10km (or one hour) without stopping.

Level 3: 10+ fast which is for participants who are already able to run 10km and want to gain more speed.

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