Exhibition : Insecta de Marine Counet

Discover the Insecta exhibition of drawings by artist Marine Counet, on view from 5 May to 4 August 2024. 

Opening on Sunday 5 May at 5pm. Visits on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from 5pm to 9pm or by appointment. 

Introduction to the artist: "I'm fascinated by nature and the small details that make it up. Each drawing is the fruit of meticulous observation and meticulous work, aimed at bringing out the unique textures, shapes and colours of each insect. My aim is to instil in the viewer a sense of wonder at the diversity and perfection of nature, while encouraging a reconciliation with insects that are often considered disgusting or frightening."

  • Rue Francomont, 2
  • 4800 Ensival
  • Belgique
  • La Villa Sauvage
  • 50.58325
  • 5.83816
  • 9


05 May 04 Aug


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