Ferme Tri-Dieu


The Tri Dieu farm is both a farm and cheese dairy located in Bilstain, not far from Limbourg. We sell organic cheeses made from organic unpasteurised cows' milk, yoghurts and other dairy products. Vincent is first and foremost a keen dairy producer. With his wife Stéphanie, they wanted to promote the delicious milk produced thanks to their fine grazing land and recreate links between consumers and farmers. As a result, if you visit the farm, you will be able to taste the cheeses selected by Stéphanie at the farm shop and if you decide to take a stroll in the area, you will no doubt come across the cows grazing peacefully in this magnificent landscape.

Extra infos

  • French
  • Neupré, 27
  • 4831 Bilstain
  • Belgique
  • 50.6239
  • 5.91884
  • 258


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  • French


  • Farm products and canned food
  • Cheese