Basket n°4: la perle de l’Ardenne Bleue


Composition: a Kiki de Limbourg “les XIV”, a beer “La Ploquette”, a stick “Pralines Mireille”, a bar “Demaret”, a syrup “siroperie Nyssen”, a jam “La Fermette”, waffles (Parisian – 12 pieces) “Avigauf”, a jar of honey “Rucher du Chanteloup”, a pepper mill “Comptoir des Epices”, an Espelette pepper bar “Maison Saive”, an apple juice “Siroperie Nyssen”, a Finger Mélochoc “Darcis”, a Speculoos mixture “Comptoir des épices”, a stick “Maison Saive”.
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This local product cannot be purchased via our e-shop as it cannot be sent by post. But it is available in our “physical” shop, i.e. at the Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Vesdre (rue Jules Cerexhe 86 in Verviers).

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