La Maison Saive


Chocolate, marzipan, nougat and fruit jelly... Maison Saive will unveil the world of chocolate and sweets to you in the heights of Verviers. This craft chocolate-maker's shop is located in the heights of Verviers. Christophe Saive invites you to discover his harmonies of chocolate flavours, from the most classic to the most surprising. Take a glance towards the rear of the shop and you will be able to see the master-chocolate-maker at work in his workshop. In addition to varieties of, chocolates, given into temptation and try his marzipan, fruit jelly or nougat.

Extra infos

  • French
  • Chaussée de Heusy, 203
  • 4800 Verviers
  • Belgique
  • 50.58424
  • 5.86524
  • 258


  • French


  • French

Equipments & services

  • On-site shop


  • Chocolate, biscuits, confectionery
  • Chocolate

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