Aire bbq & pique-nique

Barbecue de Limbourg
11 LOD-A0-003H-0W6A 50.61455 5.94201
Barbecue "Plaine" à Baelen
11 LOD-A0-003H-0WHQ 50.63147 5.9709
Barbecue "Rivière" à Baelen
11 LOD-A0-003H-0WRQ 50.63147 5.9709
Pique-nique de Renoupré
11 LOD-A0-003H-0X2I 50.60592 5.88884
Barbecue de Perkiets
11 LOD-A0-003H-0XC7 50.61061 5.99042
Aires de pique-nique Stembert
11 LOD-A0-003O-27XO 50.60093 5.90108
Picnic of Mefferscheid
11 LOD-A0-003T-0XK1 50.57482 6.04151
Barbecue de Rouheid
11 LOD-A0-004E-0WNS 50.57383 5.88202
Barbecue du Faweux
11 LOD-A0-004E-0XQU 50.53905 5.88071

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