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9 Restaurant
261 RST-10-00JX-01F5 50.62979 5.97408
261 RST-10-00JX-01JQ 50.6043 5.85743
Binh Long
261 RST-10-00JX-01L9 50.59375 5.86565
La Fontanella
261 RST-10-00KB-01C6 50.61057 5.85411
Bar et Resto en Harmonie
261 RST-10-00KD-01OB 50.59181 5.85562
La Brasserie du Coin
261 RST-10-00KD-02IT 50.57525 5.86865
Mc Donald Crescend'eau
261 RST-10-00KD-0477 50.58887 5.84938
New Shangai
261 RST-10-00KD-04FX 50.58423 5.86502
Au Mange-Tout
261 RST-10-00KY-02DX 50.58078 5.86635
Pizzeria La Storia
261 RST-10-00KY-02TC 50.58553 5.87159
Le Comptoir
261 RST-10-00OC-0001 50.58042 5.86491
La Fabrique
261 RST-10-00PB-007J 50.58573 5.84981

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Unfortunately, our reception office has been severely affected by the floods in our country and we will not be able to welcome

We look forward to welcoming you back as soon as the situation allows (October 2021).

We apologise in advance for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!

The team of the Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Vesdre ASBL