Gift basket n°4 : la perle de l’Ardenne Bleue


Composition: 1 “Pinot gris” white wine, 16 “Ecopoon” aperitif spoons, “Grand-Mère” sweets, 1 “Pralines Mireille” stick, 1 “Demaret” marzipan log, 1 “Sweet Cuberdons” cuberdon reglet, 1 “Nyssen” jam, 1 “Nyssen” sweet syrup, 1 “Martine brune” beer, 100g “Maison Saive” cat’s tongues, 1 jar of “Martine Meurens” Liège sauce
-> 11 products
-> Large rectangular cardboard box

⚠️ Due to high demand, some local products may no longer be available. The Maison du Tourisme team is doing its best with its various partners to get all the products quickly. If a product in the basket is missing, we will fill it with another similar local product, at almost the same price. Thank you for your understanding.

This local basket can be purchased via this e-shop but no postal delivery is possible. You can therefore come and collect your reserved basket during our opening hours! We look forward to welcoming you… (contact: – 087/78.79.99).

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