The path of the stiles


Initiated by the municipalities of Thimister-Clermont and Limbourg in 2011 as part of the PIC Vert call for projects, the Chemin des Echaliers is the result of a partnership between several municipalities. Indeed, two axes were designed, which cross the district of Verviers from North to South and from West to East, passing through the municipalities of Aubel, Baelen, Eupen, Jalhay-Sart, Limbourg, Thimister-Clermont and Verviers, thus allowing the discovery of a small heritage that is as unusual as it is local: the stiles
The stiles? These are devices that allow walkers to cross a fence or a hedge surrounding a meadow without allowing the cattle to escape. A stile can take the form of a ladder, a gate, a turnstile,…

As walks and long hikes are a popular occupation for many tourists, the Tourist Offices of the Pays de Herve, Spa-Hautes Fagnes-Ardennes and the Pays de Vesdre and the Tourist Agency of the Eastern Cantons, in close collaboration with the municipalities they pass through, have updated the signposting and a paper map which is available for sale for the modest sum of 2 €.

Openstreetmap, photos, distance tables, all in an easy to carry 70 x 140 mm pocket format.
On sale here and in the reception desks of the 4 tourist offices that are partners in the project!

You can also find this map in our drop-off points:
> Baelen local authority
> Limburg Tourist Office

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