“Sleep, Food & Wine” in Dison


You’ll love this new tourist pack for two, including :

The pack includes a free map of Dison and its walks.

You’re sure to discover our region in a whole new way!

Download and read the terms and conditions.

► Reading material is currently only available in French.

How to proceed:
1- Confirm your current basket.
2- You will receive an automatic e-mail giving you your bank details and a second personalised e-mail which will be sent to you during our opening hours and will guide you through the next stages.
3- On receipt of payment, the 3 original vouchers will be sent to you by post as soon as possible.
4- Once you have decided on several dates, give your order of preference for these dates directly to the Maison du Tourisme, which will contact you:

  • VINADIS Vineyard
  • The Bed and Breakfast DU SOIR AU MATIN
  • The restaurant HISTOIRE DE FAMILLE

In order to find a date that matches your wishes and the availability of our service providers.
5- Once a date has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email from the Maison du Tourisme with the address

► This e-mail, together with the three vouchers, must be presented to the various service providers on D-Day.

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