Terroir en poche – Pays de Vesdre (in french)

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The quality/price ratio of this little “Terroir en Poche” guide is unbeatable. It presents, with rare precision, five itineraries to discover the Vesdre region at the pace of a walk.
– Verviers, au fil de la Vesdre” offers a walk through the heart of the woollen city. – Between hedgerow and industry” crosses Dison and Andrimont to arrive in Renoupré. – In the country of the Dukes of Limburg” approaches Dolhain, Goé and the remarkable heritage of Limburg before approaching the panoramic tower of the Gileppe Dam. – In the heart of the grassy Ardennes” leads to Tancrémont, Pepinster and Soiron, which enjoys the status of “The Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonia”. – On the Human Rights Road” follows the routes established by the ASBL “Congrès de Polleur”.
Free book on presentation of the European Disability Card at the reception.

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