Topo-Guide GR5 “Mer du Nord – Méditerrannée”


THE GR 5… The dream of many hikers.

A mythical path, from the North Sea to the Mediterranean, from the flatlands to the Côte d’Azur, crossing the Ardennes, the Vosges, the Jura and the Alps, the GR5 is THE hike to the sun!

Like the Camino de Santiago to Compostela, the GR5 is an experience that many long-distance walkers hope to achieve. Either in several parts, spread over the holidays of several years, or in one go at retirement age.

This guidebook describes the GR 5 in Wallonia and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. After the Limburg Campine, here is a section in the Mosan country, on the eastern heights of Liege. As soon as the Vesdre is crossed, the hiker begins the main part of the route: the crossing of the Ardennes massif. Not only the high plateaus of the Belgian Ardennes, forest and grassland, but also the enchanting rivers of its Luxembourg counterpart, the Oesling. Then there is Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland, with its mysterious rocky labyrinths. Then the Moselle wine country with its vineyards planted on steep slopes. Finally, the crossing of the south of Luxembourg from east to west in order to find the white and red markers of the GR 5 at its entry into France.

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