From soft gold to blue gold

At the heart off the Blue Ardennes, Verviers possesses an industrial past closely linked to wool and water. This history began several centuries ago when the water quality of the Vesdre, combined with the know-how of Verviers’ craft speople, produced wool that was incomparably soft to the touch. Verviers also boasts some very archetypal tourist attractions: the Chocolaterie Darcis chocolate factory where you can take a veritable journey through the history of chocolate and the historical Wool and Fashion Tourist Centre, a veritable cultural gem of Verviers!

Many urban tourist trails allow you to enjoy a discovery of the town off the beaten track: with its frescos, emblematic monuments and textile machines, the themes are atypical. And treasure hunts? Yes, there are… Verviers is not to be outdone and offers you a superb interactive hunt via the Totemus application.

Furthermore, Verviers also possesses its own dynamic Cultural Centre and holds festive events (both public and private) that enliven the town centre and its surroundings, not forgetting the very many characters of Verviers, such as the Taloche brothers, René Hausman or also Pierre Rapsat, to mention but a few!

So many reasons to spend some time in Verviers!

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