Topo-guide GRP573 “Tour of the Vesdre Valley and the High Fens” (in french)


A land of contrasts, a region of rivers. Almost entirely in the Vesdre basin, the GRP 573 respects an indisputable geographical coherence. The route is extremely varied and all the more interesting because of the considerable differences in altitude. As for the rivers, they are omnipresent.
As you enter the Vesdre valley, starting from Chaudfontaine, the route will wind its way through two very different regions. On the northern bank, the Herve region, a fertile, rural and pleasant area. To the south, the wild and bewitching Ardennes. Between them, small towns and cities: Pepinster, Verviers, Limburg, Eupen.
After Eupen, going up the Helle, the GRP enters the Ardennes of the forests and then leads to the High Fens with its desolate moors. Afterwards, it follows the Hoëgne in the middle of the peat bogs. Very forested until the bridge of Belleheid, the route then goes towards Spa and the region of Theux and Banneux where, in contrast, the landscapes become softer and clearer. The return to Chaudfontaine then takes on a wilder tone, on the heights of the Vesdre valley.
A second itinerary, in the form of a variant, with the Hoëgne as a common thread, from Belleheid to Pepinster, passing through Polleur and Theux, renews this game of successions of soils and discoveries where waterways, tourist towns and deep forests alternate.

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